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About your Brother in Christ

We all have are callings from God to do something. Being a seat filler or walking around with God in your pocket is not the answer. Part of what scared me in getting saved, silly as it sounds, was that God would ask a lot of me. Good Lord, what if I was called to be one of those missionary people who head to Africa or the jungle. What if I was called to do something I really didn’t want to do? I also envisioned that once you are saved you are perfect.That you can not or will not sin anymore because you go into robot mode and are not you anymore. You are overtaken by God and live like a monk. That seemed in my mind to be a very boring life. I was still in my late teens and wanted to still raise a little hell and experiment with what the world had to offer. I went to a few churches that were very dull and ritualistic growing up. Not very fulfilling. Also I saw a representation of what Christians looked like on T.V. and thought God I love you, but come on, do I really have to look and act like those freaks? I saw people shaking on the ground and talking gibberish and looking like they were crazy (not realizing they were allowing satan to deceive and control them). Then came why is there all these religions. Which one really is right? So anyway, yeah I kinda fought God on these points and probably many more. It took a while but long story short, I was saved. I really don’t like the term “accepting Christ” because in reality God has accepted us. If He didn’t draw us to Him there would be no hope for any of us. Because I want to write my whole testimony one day, this will be a really shortened version. Anyway, I started doing the church thing. I was like a sponge wanting to soak in all I could of God. But I didn’t read the Bible. Those guys that stand in front of everybody are what matters right? Or so I thought. And the bigger the church, gee whiz, the better it must be. I went to many kinds of churches seeking out which was best. I listened on radio for preaching and would find Christian radio was so so, although I liked a few pastors. I went to Christian concerts. I really tried to be Christian-like whatever that means. A lot of initial learning of what a “Christian” was came from a neighbor and one of his sons who looking back now I really question that he was ever saved seeing how his life went. In reality, he misled me in many ways and was a very poor example. He filled my ears with garbage that I didn’t know better. Does a baby know you added poison to it’s milk? So as a baby christian we are just that. A baby and very naive and innocent. If mom let’s the neighbors babysit you while she goes to work, once that door is closed your at the neighbors mercy. When you are first saved and seeking Brothers and Sisters you are at the mercy of a church they are Spirit filled and teaching is correct. The problem is nowadays churches have become so apostate, it is really slim pickings. So time goes by and I’m talking to God more and felt it’s time I should ask God what He wanted of me. HE TOLD ME. Not the answer I wanted to hear. I tucked my tail between my legs and scampered off like a beat dog. The words he told me were clear as day and sank into my brain like a branding iron. I saw things years ago about the end times and how close that really was. Now here’s where freewill is a son of a bitch. I could have listened and started my glorious journey and do what He asked of me and told me of my future, but I decided that I wasn’t the right cat. Then I put on my boxing gloves to fight God. Not a very good idea. Nothing ever comes to fruition. Your tortured daily with what the heck am I doing. Relationships fail. Addictions rise. Sins excel. Oh you’ll stay breathing and have somewhat of a life, but there is no happiness or fulfillment. Kinda like your the walking dead. The thing about life is it is not near as long as you would think or hope for. Time really does fly. Years would go by in my lukewarm condition with God. I acted and played the part as best I could, but with the Holy Spirit so wiped out of my life I was as useful as a concrete parachute. Did I get spanked? Oh my God yes. Did I take off my gloves. Nope. I honestly don’t know how I am alive still. God should have wiped me off the earth so many times. God just keeps turning up the heat more and more till you can’t take it anymore, or at times He lets you do your own thing knowing you’ll regret it, at least in my case. So now I’m doing what God wanted me to do years ago. That’s good and bad. I suppose all the bad’s I think about were God letting me go through things to learn. What I look at as waste and garbage God seems to be making something He can use for His glory. He has turned lemons into lemonade. The only reason I am something or anything is because of my belief in Christ and knowing and believing in God. Did I finally surrender on His terms or mine? I don’t know. God just kept telling me your time has come and the next thing I know I’m buying a cheap computer and learning how to use it, a domain name, spending hundreds of hours learning how to make a website and with two fingers writing as God speaks through me. God knows the end before the beginning. I lived in my own judgement for a long time for all my mistakes. I even got hijacked by Calvinism at one point and was sure I lost my salvation or never was saved. My fault of course because I wasn’t reading the Bible. But not a day went by I ever stopped believing in God or repenting of my sin even though most days would be counted as wasted for years. That’s what a lukewarm Christian is. One foot still in the world and the saying thanks God for saving me but I’ll kinda do things my way. I guess that is why for years I didn’t read the Bible. As I matured I would be knowing I was sinning by conviction from the Holy Spirit and many times resisted His instruction, and then reading what God says in His Word is like the hammer coming down. So I avoided it. The Bible will keep you away from sin or sin will keep you away from the Bible. For example, I knew my being promiscuous was wrong but I did it any how. So to come upon sexual sins that God speaks of in His Word means I would have to change my lifestyle so I just avoided the Bible. Sounds crazy writing that but it’s the truth. To get really truthful, I had fallen heads over heals in love with a girl and she hurt me really bad. It was enough to find out she cheated on me with several guys that I became hateful and revengeful. So I would sleep with many girls I guess to get back at her and also to ease the pain. It’s a sad thing, but people can really scar you. Some for life. I would be spanked many times by God in doing things my own way.Trust me, not fun. And again this is not meant to be my testimony as that would be a long page(s)!, so just know a time came when I surrendered. I don’t know how to explain it, but just that God took over my life. Actually, I could explain it, but waaay to long to write now. The prodigal son came home. It’s like I climbed a ladder and grabbed the high voltage lines and I can’t let go. The reality is God has made me to be His creation and letting go and letting God is the key for any Christian.Taking you out of the whole equation. I’m like sitting in the passenger seat as God does the driving. Which is what I was always afraid like a idiot. Oh if I could go back in time and know then what I know now. When I’m writing and maybe one day talking, if I get the equipment is not me, but God speaking through me. I can tell sometimes when I insert myself and I erase things because this isn’t about me, it’s about God and His glory. So here are my qualifications. I attended a bible college for six years and gained a masters degree. I was pastor of a church serving five thousand for ten years before I became a dean and had a college named after me. I have written over a hundred books and been on the top seller list many times. Hows that sound, pretty good? After all that’s what makes a man a preacher right? Not that God has chosen Him. Molded him. Anyway, I didn’t go to college and hated any type of school with a passion all the way back to kindergarten. I got poor grades and enjoyed being the class clown. I hated reading, that is until I really started getting into Gods Word. Really about the only book I have read in my life. I didn’t have man teach me, but God through His Word. I listen to the Bible over and over and over. I have read the Bible over and over and over. Word to wise, you will never understand New Testament till you know Old Testament. You might have to read a verse a hundred times before you understand it. You definitely have to know the whole Bible to see how it compliments itself and never contradicts itself. One part always explains another. So not to bore you anymore, I am a piece of crap. I am garbage. Though sober, I am a drunk. I’m nothing. God is everything. I am a waster of time more often than I want to be. The only reason I am something or anything is because of my belief in Christ and the changes God makes in my life. No man on this earth is above another. And no man should be put on a pedestal like he is something just because they are preaching Gods Word. Some men truly are called for a reason and a purpose and I pray I touch your heart with what Jesus has given me. I once was blind, now I see. I am nothing but a speck in God’s eye that he at anytime can destroy and and wipe off this planet just like you. I am just a human being  and deserving of Hell times a million like anyone, but forgiven by grace and accepted by God by what Jesus did on the cross. So if your goal was to put me down, go ahead, try and put me down if you want. I’ve already done it for you. I’ll tell anyone without hesitation if they see any good or light coming from me it sure isn’t me. It sure wasn’t me that for the last year and a half that made this website. To God be the glory, not me in any way shape or form. The wonderful thing is you can hit the x up there ^ and close this tab and what I’m saying forever. This isn’t me talking, it’s God. To God be all the glory. If this is as far as I go and ONE person gets saved, indeed I can die a happy man. May all praise, glory, and honor go to the Lord Jesus forever and ever. If you can help this ministry with it’s many needs it is surely appreciated. God bless you and yours.

My Strength

Is Jesus God? Yes. Jesus declared Himself to be God. His followers believed Him to be God. The provision of salvation and a changed life only works if Jesus is God. Jesus is God incarnate, the eternal Alpha and Omega. He is God our Savior. He is the living breathing Word of God. How do I know He is alive and real? He is inside of me. Jesus is the opposite of this world. I would not want to take another breath not knowing I am saved and Jesus wasn’t my Lord and best friend. Life would have absolutely no meaning. When I die my Lord will be there to hug me and say well done my faithful servant. I love you God and I praise you forever

Prayer is very, very important. Oh, did I say it is very important? This is how you communicate and have a conversation with God. It is how you develop a personal and meaningful with God, the creator of the universe and YOU. God the Father loves you and gets excited when you talk to Him. God has a plan and vision for all of us and you must pray to Him to know what that is. When we pray to God it aligns us with Him and puts us on a path of surety. I pray many times throughout the day. It’s me opening my heart to Him and in return God transforming my heart. Prayer changes the tone of my whole day. If I am faithful and observant the day sure runs smoother. Many times I’ll be unsure of things or may be tempted at something and when I pray I make better decisions. My relationship grows stronger and stronger the more frequently I talk to God. The more I submit and commit to God the more He commits to me. Oh how miserable life would be if I didn’t know God was right there with me and I couldn’t communicate with Him.

The Bible is Gods Word. My instruction manual on how to live my life. It is a history book. It  is alive. It is my everything and considered the greatest asset I own. When I read the Words, the Words are God actually speaking. The Bible gives life and it also gives judgement. It shows me Gods loving side and His wrathful side. It directs me, guides me, and becomes me. When I die it will be buried in my heart.

Without the Holy Spirit you are not saved. Without the Holy Spirit no man can accomplish anything in being a Christian. The Holy Spirit resides in me and currently is making a website! It is possible to either fill your glass full with the Spirit or quench and destroy the relationship with sin and disobedience.The Spirit is the seal and mark upon every Christian forever. It is proof of our new birth and a new heart and our salvation. Fill me Lord with your Spirit. Guide me. Teach me. Strengthen me.

Faith in God surpasses anything. Standing up and saying “I believe…I believe” shakes the heavens. There is a saying “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”  Faith is given by God and I embrace it with all my being. It can’t be bought or sold. Taken from your heart. Beaten out of or in any way be destroyed for the true believer. It can’t be drank away, drugged away, sexed away, sinned away, taken away. If you are sealed with Holy Spirit our lives can go completely to hell by our own faults, but always inside of us is faith. Faith in Jesus saved us forever. I am not saved by MY actions but what God did on the cross for me. Faith gives me a abundant life in Christ verses a empty life of myself. Faith is when things go bad, I will grow stronger from the experience. Faith gives me purpose verses wasting my life away. Faith is knowing being a Christian isn’t always easy. There are fears, anxieties, and stress that are always right around the corner but through faith I know I can conquer anything thrown my way. Through faith I know everything is in Gods hands, thank goodness, and not mine.

There is no more powerful force on earth than two or more believers getting together to worship God. In these Last Days you need to figure that out because the enemy is coming and already here. You are my family in Christ and I pray you pray for me and are with me in Spirit as I battle the enemy.

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