I’m not guessing. I’m not saying maybe. I’m telling you as sure as shit that we are in the Last Days. Christians need a sanctuary to call their own. Why? Because we will be looked at as the problem and not the solution. If I won the lottery I would give every penny, every dime into not me, but a place for a sanctuary of true born again Christians. Land is being bought up by satans army by the minute. I’m talking huge tracts of America’s farms, etc. I’m telling you now I can’t accomplish what I see in my heart. I’m poor. It will take Christians getting together and joining together to make having a place to go to before the shit really hits the fan very soon. Not a retreat like going to a tropical island, but a place that is quite impractical in today’s standards. For people that know how to live off the land and can survive if needed with no hot water, electricity, or shopping. Those that can handle no phones and T.V. Those that can handle growing their own food and salting and smoking our own meats and fish and digging their own fruit cellars. Canning goods. Growing crops and weeding by hand and not chemicals. Drinking water from rain basins. Getting electricity from the sun or wind if possible. If not using candles and lanterns. Raising free range chickens and livestock for meat and eggs. Women making butter and cheese by hand. Going to where before the satan clock was set in 1900 or their about’s that he would make his last stand. No condo’s or designed housing, but what a man has. A R.V. a tent. If you can afford it, machinery to build and help others build small cabins like the Amish doing a barn build. Everyone helps each other. I know crazy right? But once you lose your job and can’t function in what is called “normal” society, maybe instead of not knowing where to survive, you could have made the sanctuary a reality. Please pray all of you. This ministry is not about me or getting rich off God, but sharing and believing we are all equal and together we can do what divided we could never do.

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