It’s greater than alcohol. Greater than pot. Greater than sex. Greater than power. Greater than Governments. Greater than T.V. or any device you have powered by electricity. Greater than anything or everything outside of God. The true God that wants us to seek Him first. There can no longer be anything except reality that satan has conquered the earth and everything is in his realm. What should a Christian do? Fight to the end. Jesus is coming soon. Don’t give up on your faith. Don’t give up when it seems you are one in a million. Don’t give up when this this whole earth has gone crazy. It has to happen. Know you jumped on the Ark. Know you did your best. Know God will save you maybe not how you had hoped or wished for, but died in the natural but are alive forever. Maybe you fought the beast hand to hand and took out a few, maybe those really prepared a lot, but whether you had nothing or a lot and the beast overtook you finally, which they will, you fought to the end. Not for yourself, but for Christ inside you….

The Bible makes it clear why God is sending a strong delusion in the Last Days, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12: Clearly you can see many, many people have made a choice to not believe the Gospel and in their abandonment of truth, God sends a strong delusion into them. Those who take delight in mocking and rejecting Him, God will condemn. He will allow them to be followers of corrupt Government’s and men who can’t wait to make you their next victim of lies and deceit. Of course you have free will to make your own decisions. Many millions will wish they could go back in time as they didn’t go to God first and the Bible, but instead willingly took the mark of the beast into their bodies. It is a person’s choice whether to accept and believe the truth of Jesus Christ as given in the Scriptures. To receive the truth and the love God offers is in keeping with its teachings, 1 John 5:3. God wants nothing more but to draw you near to Him through the Holy Spirit. To change your life. To save you. To show you a love that has no limits. A love He willing gives to us and we obey not because we have to, we want to. By rejecting to know the truth and not obeying it is to face the wrath of God, Romans 1:18, John 3:36, Revelation 20:15, 2 Peter 2:9, Matthew 10:28, Romans 6:23, Matthew 7:13-14, John 15:6. If you ever wanted to know the scariest thing that exists in our short lifetimes, there is no more dangerous a condition for man than to know the truth and refuse to accept and obey it. God makes it very clear He will let you go, 1 Timothy 4:2, Acts 28:27. To do so is to harden the heart and make God’s condemnation sure and if you die in the state you’ve seal your fate in Hell forever, Romans 2:5. When one knows the truth and refuses to obey it, they are subject to any lie, any deception, and any untruth that the beast system can conjure up. How many millions fell for the bite? Some will walk around pretending to be “religious”  but God is far from their hearts and minds and bad decisions are made, Romans 1:21-22. Now is not the time to be thinking you are wise or above God. A fool thinks that way and destined for personal destruction, Romans 1:29-31, Romans 1:28, Romans 1:32, Isaiah 66:3-4. My friend I pray today you take the leap of faith. You are totally responsible for your own actions. Make it just you and God today. Staying in a place of not accepting truth and receiving it condemns you, 2 Thessalonians 2:12. This world is full of hate and destruction. God is offering you the opposite, 1 John 4:16. Always remember, people don’t have to go to Hell. They choose to go to Hell. How hardened are you today? How high are the fences you have put up? God can smash all that to bits if you soften your heart and allow Him to speak to you, 2 Peter 3:9. We have example after example in Gods Word of people and decisions they made. Many rejected Him and His simple truths. They chose this worlds system, the system of satan over Him. God doesn’t force anyone to love Him, and in fact God hardens those that choose iniquity over Him, and turns them over to a deluded mind to wallow in their wickedness to their now physical destruction to then eternal damnation, Jeremiah 14:10. So what will YOU do today? Wake up or go further and further from God till there is no coming back…. The choice is yours….

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