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Thank you and God bless you for support. One of Satan’s biggest tools is involving Government in churches or ministries of God. Last Days Church is not 501 c3. Last Days Church will follow God”s Word as what a “church” even is. If you are unaware of this craziness and what it has done to control the speech of true believers, Please click on this link to have your eyes opened concerning this. 

As a “church” We are under the control of God. Period. The church is under attack like never before. I believe I am chosen of God for a reason in these last days. Know I will never be compromised and I will to the uttermost of myself and the spirit of God that fills me, prepare the way of Gods church in these Last Days. I want nothing more but to save those that still can be reached. Open eyes and hearts of the lost. I pray this ministry edified you and blessed you. I pray you got saved.

Your offering to Last days church will support this ministry in many ways and all go towards Gods glory. I need many things related to this website to keep it going and “keep the lights on.” I really do need help. If I am a liar or a conman I pray God kills me instantly and sends me to the deepest parts of Hell. It’s on record. Maybe you can ask your preachers that. Especially the bastard television fakes. There are ministries and preachers that are a abomination and in no way follow Gods word. No one is perfect and no one will ever be 100% right all the time, but some distort the Bible purposely and it’s message so much it’s heartbreaking. Sometimes the truth hurts, but I have to face God one day just like everyone ever born and I will not be compromised. I have two dreams. One is many, many are saved through this ministry. Secondly, that Christians put their money together like how Christianity started  and build a community of thousands of acres of land WHERE NOT I, but WE are free in Christ. Everyone equal and is happy living in Christ and not this world. It starts with you and having faith in me to put it all together and  I will do it. I was made for this and God told me my role. I love you.   

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