I pray this was for you. Thanks for coming back and know the creator of the world has your back. God bless you today. The world will kick the living crap out of you but Jesus will wrap you in His loving arms. My Lord had no servants, yet they called him master. My Lord had no degree, yet they called him teacher. My Lord had no medicines, yet they called him a healer merely through faith in Him. My Lord had no army, yet kings and leaders feared him. My Lord won no military battles or needed any kind of war, and didn’t need T.V; computers, or anything except Himself, and he conquered the world. My Lord committed no crime but reveal God and truth, yet they mocked Him, spit on Him, beat Him, whipped Him, and crucified him. My Lord was buried in a tomb thought to be dead, Yet He rose again and sits at the right hand of the Father and lives Today and forever and will judge all men. My Lord is forgiving and faithful and calls all men to Him for salvation, yet many will not head the call and be cast to Hell forever for not accepting what He did on the cross. My Lord is a free and easy way to a new life, Yet that’s to easy a thing for many to accept and will die in their sin. My friend today I pray the hurting stops and the loving beyond comprehension that is yours for the taking takes hold in your life. Praise God…… Isaiah 41:10-13

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