But I warned you and wrote most of what you see over two years ago after God harpooned me into writing and creating this ministry of getting people saved. This is the mark of the beast. We are in tribulation. Great sorrows are about to unfold. The Lord is coming back in my opinion in 2027. Many, many millions, billions, will die as the four horseman have been let loose with plagues and pestilence and starvation and war and all hell breaking out. The fun really starts this fall… hang on for the ride it’s gonna start getting really f#cking bumpy. Those that took that bite will have a huge die off and then the head snakes will convince people a real bio weapon was released causing the deaths. Then they will assume TOTAL control. Are you ready?? And to think, now I’m sure if snakes that crawled up to me were from God or the devil, now I know. Yes there will be Chinese troops on American soil. Yes, American military will fight it’s own citizens. Yes, before the elections something veryyyy big will happen that quite possibly enact martial law.  Click here if you don’t know if your saved….

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