It’s easy to go down the wrong path. Easy to go into yourself and try to figure things out. Most people will disappoint and hurt you in many ways. Sometimes as simple as a nasty remark about your looks or going as far as breaking your heart. I had a cousin that my aunt from the time he was a little kid put him down nonstop saying he was dumb and would never amount to anything and often punished him. Guess what, after hearing that over and over he lost all self respect for himself and became just as he was told. The poor guy was scarred and never amounted to anything thinking what was pounded into him. Life is very imperfect and sometimes people just outright suck. God wants us to be happy and fulfilled and some people just want to bring us down to their level. And many will stay in a pattern of abuse and not setting themselves free. Why? Because maybe getting high fixes things. Maybe drinking alcohol eases the pains. Maybe working non stop and keeping yourself so busy helps because you forget things for that time period. Can I tell you something? We can be our own worst enemy and often times we are. Why? We go everywhere else except to God first in everything. Especially when things are bad and when you need Him most and He wants to help you. We forget God even more when things are going good in our lives which is really sickening because God is blessing us and we should be closest to Him and thanking Him and praising Him. God wants a relationship with us. Not forced, but because we want our creator number one in our lives and desire that relationship. You see, God will never fail you or let you down. He has your back through all the thicks and the thins. The goods and the bads. But if we turn from Him or have never even known Him, your destined for a life of unfulfillment and disappointment if your trying to work things out in your life yourself. God actually gives us part of Him internally with the Holy Spirit. A constant shadow, so to speak that will guide us and be with us forever. I can’t put into words how awesome it is to have the creator of everything inside of you. Everything goes from now not just you to now US. Me and God are a team. Even with my many imperfections God still finds a way to heal and use me in ways I could not have myself. He has taken a broken clay pot and put me back together. Remolded me into a new vessel that though still a work in progress to the die I die, He loves me unconditionally forever by accepting and believing in His Son. I am not worthy. You are not worthy. No one ever born is worthy of that love and free gift God has given us through His son. My friend, whoever you are, you don’t have to go at this life alone. You don’t have to just depend on yourself. Things are going to worse and worse now, so much so, trust me, you will fall to your knees for a solution and way out of all the pain. There is one way and one way alone to be a conqueror and not defeated by this world going down so quickly now. It is through the Savior Jesus. He stands waiting at the door just waiting for you to knock on the door of understanding and life. Don’ be afraid. Today you can find paradise even in the depths of hell on earth and have a relationship with God Himself. I pray for you now. I pray God touches your heart. That He breaks through the barriers of pain and suffering you may be going through. That He shows you are sinful nature and sinful lusts that have brought us down and stained us before a perfect holy God. That there is a way out, a plan God created from Adam and Eve’s fall. A sacrifice made in your place so that we are covered in the blood of Jesus that will save you forever. Please don’t be on the fence with your eternity. We don’t know what can happen from one minute to the next and if you die without Jesus there is a price to be paid forever. Hell. You can today get out of the earths hellish system and the eternal place of torment for free. Salvation doesn’t cost a dime. Yet many will choose to stay in sin and choose not to believe or choose not to even give God a chance to speak to their hearts. I pray the Holy Spirit draws you to Him even today and opens your eyes… I pray today is the day of salvation for you… YOU….I pray you lean not on your understanding but on God in His infinite wisdom and love…Seek God first and everything will be added onto you…

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