All this hype of not being able to know what a “woman” is now is making a lot of sense. Forget that God created us as male and female. He obviously made a grave error and a mistake. Sure I know, you’ll bring up that marriage thing and penises and vaginas and and boobs and muscles, but that’s all old school. Let’s all go with satan and his way of thinking. Let’s combine what God created and make a baphomet just like him. Half man, half woman and all good. All hail satan the tranny of tranny’s. Now where was I? Oh, yeah, damn right a man can have a baby. I read it in a magazine in the checkout isle. I never said a man born a man. I’m talking a man that was a woman that now is a man by drugs and surgery and hey if it kinda looks like a dude and says it is a dude, we’ll it must be a dude even though the plumbing says different. Thank goodness in today’s world anything goes. So yeah, cool, now “women” shacked up with transformers are getting pregnant in jail and dudes with vaginas are getting pregnant. It all makes sense now. What is a woman? Today, any damn thing you want it to be……




Oh I know it might be a little hard to get used to. But since no one can define what a woman is anymore, we’ll here is what you can expect to date and have a baby with more and more. It’s slim pickens after the vaxed die off….

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