They slaughtered their babies in the womb through abortion.

Though shall not kill

 If we are pronounced dead when our hearts stop, is it not safe to say we are pronounced alive when our hearts start??? If God says He knows us before we are created in the womb, That means a soul has already been created. A forever soul that is shredded to pieces in the womb to someone that lives to be a hundred years old. Having the strength or knowledge of  women to keep her legs closed to starting her own porn channel is why God created HELL. Women prove they are the weaker vessel every time they start to take control of not being submissive and not listening to men and especially God. It turns into disaster in politics as they have no understanding why their wards are turned into tents and and starvation and third world reality as they sleep in million dollar homes like pelpoopski and any other devil follower. Making a natural born child into the opposite. George is now georgette. Chop off the penis or breasts or whatever it takes to comply to the beast to become rich and famous and have power. That temporary power will burn in front of your eyes as you scream in Hell forever. They turn into a slut just like Eve and trying to get out of their sin, they choose satan and giving their child to Baal as another sacrifice. Yeah. You just gave your child to satan. If they saw the flames of HELL and suffering Gingsturd started by satan they would run from having open sex and seek Gods instruction for marriage immediately and cry out I don’t have to get off with satan, I gotta get on with Jesus. A woman left to her own devices and personal control is no different than a snake that runs free thinking I’ll do whatever I want and get my power from waaaaaaay back and acccept that verses turning to Jesus and realty and, damn God, I WENT AGAINST YOU AND ATE THE APPLE.

Go here immediately. It’s powerful. POWERFUL….

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Proverbs 30:30