God created the greatest thing a human being could ever experience. And that is being able to have a relationship with God himself the creator of everything. At one time we could talk to God face to face. He merely thought everything into existence and created man from the dirt of the ground. He breathed life into him and then created a helper for man by using Adam’s own rib to recreate a woman. They lived in perfect harmony and peace together and lived in paradise. But suddenly everything changed. Sin came along and ruined everything. It affected Adam and Eves relationship and the relationship they had with God. The second Adam was born about 4000 years later by a total miracle of a virgin birth. Though born of a woman, what was conceived was God himself by the Holy Spirit. The Savior of the world. And He had one purpose. That was to restore our relationship with God once again. He did this by being sinless his entire life and then giving up his life for you and  me. Now as Christians we not only have a relationship with God, but we can have relationships with other Born Again Christians in same way. A very special relationship because a total stranger is suddenly your brothers or sisters in Christ. There is a bond, a invisible force, a miracle of instant connection when being with another Christian. We are family. Every Christian has a gift that can be used for God’s glory. Especially in the short time we have left. There are a lot of misconceptions about “church’s” and ones role in that church. When it comes to brick and mortar buildings, most are happy getting dressed up one day a week and spending a few hours being “holy.” God forbid the pastor over does his one hour and makes you late to getting to store to buy a twelve pack of beer and start of ball game. The rest of the week is life lived like any other person on the earth. Some so called Christian’s even make unsaved people look like angels. They lie, cheat, steal, drink, get high, waste hours and hours watching T.V. and go through life with most, if not all people, not even knowing they are Christians. But they go to church. Hypocrites. Sorry, I have seen this way to often in life. I think a lot of so called Christians are going to be surprised when they die and Jesus says “Depart from me, I never knew you……Getting back to YOU and your responsibilities. First and foremost it is commanded that YOU spread the gospel to the world. You were saved how? You heard the good news from someone. Power is given to us that enables us to tell others about Him. It is because of that power given to the saints that we can spread the message of salvation to the lost. God’s power is “almighty” power. All power is almighty power. It has no limits nor restraints. This means witnessing to your friends. Your family. Especially the many strangers we see everyday. EVERYONE  you come in contact with. How dare anyone keep a treasure buried away in the ground when they could have shared it. If you had a cure for cancer and did not share it with others, what kind of person would you be? It would not speak very well of your character. If there were a cure for it why would a person not share it? There is a cure for man’s sin so why do we not spend more time seeking to let others know about it? In this dying world people need  God more than ever and to be given something free as everything skyrockets in price. If we are saved there should be something about us that separates us from the world. Your acts and generosity and seeing something in you and about you will attract others as light is quite uncommon nowadays. And when they inquire of your smile, humbleness and what is it that you have that they don’t, Bam! You tell them of your relationship with God and Jesus. Offering your time to help out could do wonders. Maybe you can babysit. Maybe you can go to a jail and give strangers money for food they can buy at commissary and a Bible. Maybe you can cut neighbors lawn. Maybe you could wash their car. Maybe you can visit hospices and witness to someone days away from dying. The list of things you can do for the “church” is endless. Once you figure out that you yourself are the church and the temple of God, you just might star thinking differently about things. How well is your church doing in spreading the gospel? How many souls have been converted through your church? We are indoctrinated and taught traditions from the time we are born. Christmas is all about santa. Easter about bunnies. Halloween is fun. (all pagan holidays) The earth is round. Man has gone to the moon. We are rats running through a maze and almost everything we are taught is a lie and illusion. We have been hoodwinked and lied to so much that most people have actually become nothing more than puppets. Lost sheep. BUT THANKS BE TO GOD IN THESE LAST DAYS PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP. WHAT WAS WELL HIDDEN BY SECRET SOCIETY’S AND sATANS ANTICS ARE BEING QUICKLY REVEALED. There is truth in this world but it only rests in the hand’s of God and Christians in these Last Days. It is very, very important you communicate with others that think with the mind of God and are Holy spirit filled. There is a battle going on for your mind. The Antichrist spirit is growing by the day. The hammer is being put down now by the establishment of satan and they have one goal and that is to usher in the Antichrist. And that is going to happen faster than you ever imagined. Many millions of people are about to die. They have had years to organize and establish what they plan to do. It is all scripted. Event 2o1, 1984 book, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Hollywood movies, and so many other ways. They always tell you what they are going to do before they do it. It’s part of their satanic rituals. The battle is real and quickly coming to a head. I have created a community forum for born again believers in Last Days Church. Here you can share and build relationships with other believers. You will be able to come up with and start a ministry yourself whatever it may be that God lays on your heart. Maybe you like making arts? Maybe you have a bumper sticker idea? A christian landscaping company? Maybe you like praying for people? Here you’ll be able to start your own church ministry. Whatever God is laying on your heart. Create your home church groups just like how Christians met in the beginning. They didn’t have buildings. You could create small meetings in a park. Bible studies. Most importantly look out for those who are new to the faith. Pray for them and guide them on their journey. There is no greater time in history to have Christian friends and family than right now. The biggest thing I am trying to emphasize is this. Get this garbage mega church thing out of your mind. They are mostly if not all led by demons and fakes. They want to tickle your ears and take your cash so pastors can buy multi-million dollar houses and planes and millions are steered wrong and go to Hell. Stay away from these nutcases on supposed Christian T.V. (Remember I said you shouldn’t even have a idiot box in your home) I have never seen weirder or stranger people in my life. Stay away from a organized religion. A non denominational church will always be your best bet. In won’t be a man-made religion or what is in fact a cult. looking to fool you and steal your soul. Just make sure wherever you attend has a doctrinal statement that is in line with God’s truths and most importantly they preach the Bible truths from a correct Bible version. Not these blasphemy modern day renditions. AS FOR ME I ABSOLUTELY ADORE MY 1841 HEXAPLA BIBLE AND CONSIDER IT MY GREATEST TREASURE. Please look into it. You can buy reproductions of it or even computer discs at reasonable prices. I have several reasons I don’t like king james version. First off a Government made it. Second off Jimmy was a raving homosexual. Sir Walter Raleigh joked about it, saying “King Elizabeth” had been succeeded by “Queen James.”  His favorite lover was the Duke of Buckingham. Anyone who doubts this needs to read “King James and Letters of Homoerotic Desire” by David Bergeron. James’ tomb lies beside that of Buckingham in Westminster Abbey. To this day  Englands monarchy is run by transsexuals. Another reason is that the Roman Catholic church is only reason the King James version exists. So next time some Bible thumper says the King James is the best, tell him to pound salt. Click here if you want a little more info on Jimmy.



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