How about YOU do the opposite against evil now. Expose and conquer verses sitting on your ass doing nothing. If there’s a group of a thousand protesters for instance wanting to murder children, show up with a hundred thousand believers in Christ and the right to life. If your a accountant, FOIA where all the money is going from the current administration or your city.  Research who is teaching your children and expose them to the light if needed.  The list is endless how you can reverse satans ways. Sue the hell out of the liars and deceivers. Make it impossible that scum can’t even walk in public anymore, let alone have voices to lie and deceive people. Pray to God. God, this sitting in a building once a week ain’t cutting it no more. I want to quit hearing and just hoping things will work out and now be a warrior for you and make the changes as I was called to do. Change comes from one spark alone to then igniting a firestorm. Will that be you or a pretribber hiding in your closet while all your rights are being taken away in a fake lie and you failed miserably at being a Christian? It’s time to stand up and fight or stay where your at and die on your knees as scum devise how they will kill and put you in chains. Wake up….

As God’s chosen people, Christians, why do we limit ourselves? Where has faith gone? Do you not know you have the Spirit of all former believers in God behind you and you have the same strength merely by having the same faith? It’s time. Time to stand before Goliath and say how dare you come against my Lord. Me. I am special. Very special….

FATHER GOD TOLD US TO COME OUT OF THE WORLD THAT YOU WILL NOT PARTAKE OF HER PLAGUES – Bowing your knee to the Government, CDC & WHO believing and trusting in them for your protection and health instead of the word of GOD IS WORSHIPING THE BEAST. ** OBEDIENCE IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF WORSHIP! **
The Word of God says if you follow HIS ways none of the diseases of Egypt will come upon you AND HE says IF you are IN HIM .. meaning true saving faith which leads you to OBEDIENCE of God’s commandments.. then HE .. YHWH GOD ELOHIM JESUS YAHUSHUA .. HE will protect you during famine and pestilence NOT MAN ! THERE IS STILL TIME TO REPENT of COVID death shots PLEASE DO SO QUICKLY then listen to & agree with this DELIVERANCE & HEALING PRAYERS FROM COVID 19 VACCINE VAX SHOT JAB MOB which is the SNAKE BITE DECEIVING MANY AND CUTTING MANY LIVES SHORT  TIME IS SHORT. The Mark of the BEAST has both BOTH SPIRITUAL & PHYSICAL aspects. WHOM DO YOU SERVE…GOD OF SPIRIT AND TRUTH OR god of this world?
****** Revelations 13:16 if you look in Esword or concordance for RIGHT HAND.. the word RIGHT in Greek is:
From G1209; the right side or (feminine) hand (as that which usually takes): – right (hand, side).
Also here it also says or RIGHT SIDE!!
*** referring to the whole limb stretching from fingertips to shoulder (ARM) thus not just HAND. *****
** SONG OF SOLOMON 8:6 (set a seal upon an ARM/will your arm be marked for LIFE or DEATH/does it reflect that of Cain of an evil heart and works)Same as REVELATION 13:16-17 (hand or forehead symbolism) My friends I wish “side effects” was a reality of a quick rebound, but in fact “permanent effects” will be the norm. There is no going back. In these last days many will be fooled and fall under the great delusion of satans lies. Seek Jesus while you still can so He can put you under His wing…..

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