As a Christian should I support modern day “jews”?


Do you mean monetarily or spiritually? Yes we should support any and all peoples with Jesus Christ and hopefully get them saved. Money wise. They own everything already.


Pastor,Should I get vaccine shot? My brother took the jab and got very sick. I’m scared


If I had a shotgun in my hand and just killed five people before your eyes and suddenly started walking towards you, would you run or stand there?


Brother fierce my leader poops his his pants and seems to be senile. He has handlers that dictate his every move. Is something up with that or should I trust in the Bible that we should obey our leaders.


If you want to follow the blind and  jump in the same hole they do, go ahead.


I think I may have gotten a STD from my boyfriend. He says he got off toilet seat? He won’t let me near is cellphone and  his best friend billy just came out. He lives with him in a one bedroom apartment and says he sleeps on couch but couch really is anothing more than a oversisized chair. He smell like poop sometimes and says his aftershave. Should I mmarry him? I have my own house and dad left me a sizable amount of money that he knows about but says it don’t matter but he keeps looking at corvettes and says one day he will have one. He says he loves me. What should I do?




Pastor. I still watch T.V.  and know it’s sin. I noticed a lot of women are really men and now see many men are actually women. I researched on internet and found a woman can transform into looking like man and almost impossible to spot. I think not. You can tell by their eyes and hands and there spouses who are always trannys. Just by doing a google search on transgender actors I now see satan. I  now think 99% of people on T.V. are such. In fact all billionaires are married to trannys and everyone in politics or any singers  Has the world gone mad?


Yes. God will give you eyes to see and ears to hear.  We really are living in the matrix. God bless you child.


I’m not sure if I should go to college sir.

You know what has blown my mind all my life? Why do people think learning is right thing to do? Why steal a child at age six and put them in a system? Why start teaching them what a school system says is right thing to do? In other words who the hell cares if you know a bunch of trivial garbage that does nothing for you? I can’t give you a answer friend. I hated school and everything to do with it. I have walked into libraries and thought to myself what kind of system is this? People sit down and read what another person wrote and fill their minds with what? And once they put extra thoughts in their mind from another person what does that mean? Man this is way to deep and I don’t think I can explain.  I did find one book that I did read and is all you need in life. My way of thinking is way before this industrial age and satans last days of satanic angels giving knowledge to men. I’d been happy with a small cabin, a shotgun, a fishing pole, a dog, and growing my own veggies. I’d probably have been best friends with a Indian chief and married his daughter and spent my time gold panning and fur trapping. My knowledge would have been in how to milk the cow and ride a horse. I’m a old soul. Pray till God gives you a answer friend. Look to God first and what He wants you to do.

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