You can’t make this stuff up.

Things are happening quickly….

3.6 MILLION UKRAINIANS FLEEING. Imagine if  you will, if a plan was made to kill off Americans by experimental drugs and replace them with border crossing illegal aliens and SAY Afghanistan and now Ukraine? Check these out. Click… Click..Click and Click.


So what is what is happening in Ukraine really all about??

80 million people made the right choice. Click here.

Okay after seeing that I may just be full of sh!t. SORRY. When he pooped himself and got pooped on by a bird I said to myself, oh well, expected. Anyway I’ll give you next play in the play book. Guess what he will totally be abandoned by his own satanic party now. Why? Because people are not dumbed down as much as they thought. Get ready people. The supposed greatest nation on earth is soon going to be run by not bad, but whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy worse as the ” big guy” steps down. The “big guy ” is going to be the “fall guy” and make Nixon look like a angel. It will happen soon…KAMMY AND NANCY will soon rule. And guess what even more. There won’t be any elections this fall. Go buy the movie dumb and dumber and memorize it because your going to see it real time. Let me ask you a silly question. If you walked into a wherever and they said they were going to save you and when you sat down and rolled up your sleeve, they pulled out a ak47 and said get ready here is the shot, what would YOU do? How is it people are so dumb they can’t see spiritual warfare verses reality? BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT SAVED. MAYBE IF IT BECAME MORE OBVIOUS?? Only Jesus can unblind you……


It really doesn’t matter if you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar if no one cares that you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar.


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it when a Government says we are here to help you and not harm you. I am just sickened by stupidity. People lining up to take a test to see if they have something with no indication is as stupid as saying , I’ll go to a football game to see if I’m really a fan. Many have said the test actually is what makes you sick, besides stealing your DNA profile. Being the devils advocate, say you had a big area of conservative type people. What if you wanted to eliminate them exclusively or maybe an entire army? Maybe you don’t like a certain race of people and with right engineering could develop a shot that just pinpoints those people? Kinda like a secret genocide of pesky Christian types or whoever the serpents decide. I know silly right? Where and how society has gotten so dumb and retarded starts back in since 1900 or there abouts. Satan unleashed himself IN FULL BEAST MODE  just as in Noah’s time before the flood, he went into full destruction mode of EVERYTHING. Taking control of media, banking, large businesses’s, Government, you name it, he has his hand in it now. What seemed as prosperity and wealth and good times for Americans after WW2 was actually jail. Jail? Yes Jail. You see when things go on like the country being bought out by the Federal Reserve while your sleeping, things are going to eventually catch up. Behind the scenes, the beast was slowly growing. Not to fast to shock and not stay hidden. That’s just one small part of satans deception. Many have never heard of or comprehend what “deep state” is. That means satans taking control of a society and government in very sinister ways. Guess what? America is screwed. They have taken control of EVERYTHING now. Military. Media. Presidency. When I say they I could use a very specific name , but I’ll say serpents. Who wants to go to war with Russia? You? Why? Do you even know what it all about? Oh, I know, you believe what your hearing on mainstream media and seeing talking heads pump lies just like the “virus” so it has to be true. Quickly throw on your mask and get bitten by the Government like a good little sheeple person. Did you once stand there and say “wait a minute” this seems like 911. Maybe you like being that man or woman that stands proud and doing what any ol’ Christian should do and listen to the Government and do your duty and get jabbed. How f**king dumb are you? Dumb enough to lose your life to satan just so hopefully “this all ends.”  So you can keep your job? Be able to go to school? Going into instant slavery because the Government locked you down and not being able to see your mom at the nursing home unless I get the bite? The Government locked down going to church but yet you could go to your local wally’s and no problem. How dumb are YOU? That’s the question. How far are you willing to go to serve satan. Put on a mask like your a criminal that does nothing for you and actually harms you? Absolutely devastate children’s abilities to socialize and learn and just be normal kids. Although the mask is small damage in comparison to the junk children actually learn but I’ll digress on that issue for now. Take a “vaccine” that is proven to kill and maim and isn’t even a vaccine, but gene therapy, meaning it changes your DNA? Who cares you may say. I mean, let’s be a hero for Gods sake. Take one for the team. That’s my Constitutional duty. You fool. Where do you get your being alive from? Maybe you can’t define what a woman is if I asked you. That’s easy you may say. How come the supreme court elect didn’t know? That is scary. Very scary. But it makes sense if you understand this countries free fall into Hell. Where once the beast hid, it has no problem revealing itself now. It has accomplished it’s goal almost to perfection. Do you not realize you are created in Gods image? Do you thus go to God for all important matters? God, should I take this? Or do you rely on yourself and maybe your click of friends for your destiny? Fool. I can tell you this. MANY, MANY, MANY will be fooled and deceived by the beast system. Heck today, many lose their panties on the ground supporting Ukraine not knowing even why except from the lies the fake media pours out. What if the leaders there were all corrupt? Snakes. Killing Russians by ethnic cleansing. What if the guy begging for help is a Billionaire and owns a Florida property worth 35 million. Now that’s a actor! ……What if a man stood up and said I’m going to go against the devil himself? The problem lies in you. Your brainwashed and stupid. How do I know? Because you will line up like a sheep going to slaughter in a heartbeat because you don’t have God and especially Jesus in your life. Your head is so far up your ass you will listen to anything and believe it. Which side your on who was elected as president says a lot about you. How you feel about a human being chopped up into pieces and made into food and medicine and doesn’t bother you shows who you are. Saying I hope someone gets into the supreme court with a soft stance on sex, Matthew 5:27-30, with small children or doesn’t know what a woman is shows your heart. Your a follower. A person that goes with the flow. A person that thinks one way but as soon as the crowd thinks another you join right in. Your a peer pressure junkie. A believer that  they said we went to the moon so obviously we went to the moon. You never took the time to dissect things and and say hey, wait a minute, how was that possible? Funny how not one piece of the technology they used then no longer exists. Oh there’s a thousand proofs it was fake but you never bothered to research. You never questioned 911 and even one small part of  building 7. Being part of the beast system means just that. It means your dumbed down, follow lies, follow deception, and are nothing more than another number going through life till you die. Most people just don’t want to be awakened they have been lied to their entire lives. Schools taught you evolution verses creation so it must be true. Schools taught you it’s ok to be anything other than yourself so tomorrow billy buys a dress “just to try it out?” and his teachers convince him he’s a girl and needs to cut off his penis. Same with girls. Let’s just cut off your growing boobs and put you on testosterone and you’ll feel much better. Yet years later many will commit suicide in deep depression for being told what they are when they in fact were not. Listen my friend, it seems nowadays stupidity grows on trees. It is pumped out by T.V. your cell phone, your computer, and it’s all meant to blind you and deceive you. There is only one way, ONE WAY, out of that mess. That is Jesus. Have you even given Him a try? Oh, I know, what will your family or friends think. That would be a disaster. But would it? What if God loves you more than you can ever imagine? What if God wants to wake you up and take the scales from your eyes? You had no problem sucking on a joint or downing a bottle of beer or “experimenting” with the same sex. So why not give God a try? See what happens. See if that’s as real as another man entering your butt from behind. See if all the emotions, the feelings, the reality comes into play as God answers you if you seek Him. Time is running out my friend. People that go to Hell choose to go to Hell. They stay stuck in their thinking and won’t budge. If your one of those than just pray to God and tell Him, God I am stubborn, I am selfish, I am not even believing in you. So if your real reveal yourself to me. Touch me. Open the door to my heart if your real. See what happens. You tried everything else so what do you have to lose? I tell you friend you have everything to gain. Please, Please, if I was in front of you I would drop to my knees, not to beg you, but ask you, please give God a chance. I’m a big son of a bitch but I’d become a man crying and laying on the ground before you begging for your soul. Please today talk to God and as it all starts with YOU. Be true to yourself. Give a little, God will give a lot back. He loves you and wants a relationship with you. NOTHING. NOTHING in this world matters more to God than you. And nothing matters what you possess or where your AT RIGHT NOW except that you have Jesus as your Savior…………….. I wanted to add I went and did a little food shopping this Sunday morning like I often do. Not many people around. You do know people bit by the snake are shedders right? Look it up. So in getting to the check out, I hear a younger man and girl talking about women are equal to men. Bamn, I’m instantly in that conversation like I like to do. So I started first off how God designed the structure of God being on top, then the man, then the woman. When I said words like obedience and roles and structure they both looked like hurry up and bag his stuff! I then brought up Jesus. The girl gave a look like not interested. I said how much time do you devote to your phone or T.V. She said alooot. I said how much time do you devote to God? Nothing she said. I said so how can you know anything of God if you can’t give him five minutes just to talk to Him or even just start out reading a few verses of His Word. The young man chimed in praise Jesus. I said are you a Christian? He said yes. I said your born again? It took him a few seconds to answer and he said yes. I said how wonderful. I didn’t have much stuff as I would have needed to sell my car for another bag, but I ended with how I ask anyone I ever see in public now. Did you take the mark? The girl didn’t answer but I could see she had. What surprised the hell out of me is the young man actually almost fooled me in his being a Christian. I asked him and he said yes he had, and I said you know what it says in revelation don’t you? His words not mine, He said “I AM DAMNED FOREVER AND GOING TO HELL.” I said did you just hear what you said? He said I had to to go to college. I said wait a minute you know what Gods Word says and you still elected to get marked? He said “Yes” I said you believed the Words of God that saved you but you didn’t believe the Words of God that condemn? Well by then I was holding up the line and could see I could not help them like I wish I could have. My God people. People are totally taken by the great illusion. Now don’t get me wrong. I can understand being put in a situation where this world is going to you can’t buy or sell or do anything without the mark, but what happened to faith in God? That every hair on your head is accounted for? That as our Shepherd He will never leave us or abandon us? I have two prayers today. Actually three. One is if you haven’t taken the mark , don’t. No matter if you have to die. So what if that happens, you’ll just be in heaven a little earlier in this quick life. Your not taking anything with you. Nor should you want to. We are not to build up riches on this earth like the serpents do. That’ s all they think and worry about is wealth and power, and guess what, for making that choice they are Hell bound, and deservingly so. These scum that knowingly poisoned millions of people, even children, Gods children, to become multi-billionaires and usher in the antichrist are deserving of exactly what they get. If you don’t feel that way and have taken the mark, you’ll sing a different tune when your health disappears for no reason accept you stood in line to die. I’m sorry but it’s the truth. One bite, you might, you might if your strong willed, be able to live normally. Two bites , the ticker is moving. Three bites and you should probably start getting things in order like a will, etc. Next winter will be like something this world has never seen in death. Of course you may have gotten lucky. Their are different lots with different concoctions, some meant for long term effects like cancer or AIDS, or just being sterilized. You do know the plan is not have more than five hundred million people on this earth, right? But maybe you got the rocket bite. That’s the one where you die of heart attack or stroke quite quickly. You just fall to the ground. Lights out. God help us. My second prayer is I really need support to keep this website going. I don’t have money for hosting, my computer has about had it. I wish I had way to not write with two fingers at a time, it’s slow. I think there is way to talk and it writes words? What I’m saying is I need help. Thirdly, on way home I made a pact with God I would start preaching in front of people if He supplied the place to do so. That’s something I told God I would never do but realize this website really limits me. And I’m not the same me I was a few years ago. I have become stronger and stronger in the Lord big time. So please pray for me and pray if possible and it is the will of God, something happens with maybe going to another level. In my heart of hearts I told you I would love for everyone to pool our money together and by a HUGE piece of land. See what I said in a few places on this website which by the way I am surprised is even working. Maybe it’s not for all I know, but I do know I did my best but there issues I can’t figure out. Antway, that’s it I guess. All this because I overheard a conversation………Praise God, I give Him all the glory and honor. We are in the tribulation period, It’s not in the future. The mark of the beast is here and now. It’s not in the future. The great delusion is hear and now. Not in the future. Pray God opens your eyes. 2 Thessalonians 2:11, Please read this over and over and over till it clicks in your mind. Matthew 13. The young man I talked to knew this verse instantly and has a price to pay, Revelation 14:9-12.

You need to learn if your a moon believer.  Buy this.  

You know what is mind blowing. I’m searching and looking for others that have God in them just now. I wrote this website, no God wrote this website two years ago when I freaked out sometimes what I just wrote, and it’s all coming to pass. I actually lost a lot of what I wrote due to satan. I just came upon this last video and obviously Gods Spirit touched him the same as me. I pray, I pray you get touched like I was. Like he is. Praise God. I stand a little taller today knowing I’m not alone. I needed that and God provided. Bless you old man. I said very early, I’m envious in Gods love towards those smarter and above me in knowledge and I will share them. Praise God for that man. I can only pray, and I do often, I pray I excel in what I believe God called me to be. I’m not in this for personal glory or me at all. I’m that old man except me, just like you are YOU…My friend maybe you sit watching Golf or whatever on T.V. You know where I sit? Crying off and on for hours now and asking God please Lord Jesus, what do I have to do to wake people up? I lie not. I don’t know what to do to wake you up and save your soul except what I have done so far. Give me a platform people and I will be what God called me to be. I can’t do it myself. Damn I’m so spirit filled today if you put me in same place as the fakes, I swear as God as my witness I would be nothing ever seen…..Can you help me? Where you would not dare go I will. I’m willing to die and could care less in my faith towards God. I’ll be your voice by your giving me opportunity to be it. Understand???

Being a slave sometimes is the answer.  Or is it? Three hots and a cot. No need to do really anything but do your time in satans realm. But what if God stood at the door. What would you do? Stay a prisoner or be free in Christ if He offered you life? And once you got it what would you do? Stay enslaved or spread the message to others locked in the same jail? If God saved you, your meant to save others. Are you doing that or letting them stay in jail and go to Hell? What are YOU doing To spread the freedom of Christ? What are YOU doing? What are YOU doing? Making up excuses? Wasting time? Being selfish? Avoiding what you know you should be doing by getting involved in the world again?