People who took mark of the beast will all die soon. That’s reality. They chose man over God. That simple. If I told you to go to the highest bridge you could find and jump off, would you? Why not? Maybe I told you to bet everything you have in a horse race or invest in Florida swampland. You might have a half of a brain to say no way. If I told you to try parachuting and before you jumped from plane, to rip off your parachute and jump and trust Jesus you might even say the same thing. I could never trust that far. I could never trust in Gods word or become saved when I put myself first and scoff at the ol’ book. Yet a government and fake talking head media tells you to take a bite and you stand in line like a sucker in the next program of greedy scams and suckers who took the bait. satan came at you with the biggest “get rich fast” scam in history. The biggest “join now” and get a free ticket to paradise fake deal ever. The scam of scams and lies of lies that not only takes your life, but your soul. My friends in these Last Days it’s who you listen to. God or satan. That simple. “You get what you deserve” sits at it’s pinnacle of definition and the choices you made from a free gift of salvation verses being in Hell forever because you changed your DNA all falls on you and your decisions….Now that’s preaching. The kind of preaching that breaks my heart and provides words that I wish I indeed not say, but have no choice. Not wanting to tell you America this time next year will be unrecognizable. Wanting to tell you of invasion and martial law enacted. Of trainloads of tears and misery coming to the land God blessed but now has set His wrath on for sin and turning from Him.I’m not sure how far you plan in the future like a little boy saying I’m going to be a fireman when I grow up or I’ll save a nest egg to retire on one day, none of that is real anymore. Wondering how you’ll survive the onslaught of masses of people going crazy in starvation will fill your mind. Getting on your knees praying to God will overcome you whether you believed that today or not as 70A.D. hits….Today my friend if you want to be saved and free and experience paradise forever all comes down to how you react and your actions. What team will you stay on or join? Now you still have a choice. Soon the choice will be made for you and it will be to late…..

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Proverbs 30:30