After watching that video what is missing? Did you know a woman has breasts for a reason?????? That a baby when it is born is to feed off it’s mother. Yet through brainwashing and plain out stupidity or laziness or indoctrination, a  woman seems to have lost all comprehension of reality. Feeding the child a mothers milk gives immunities and nourishment like nothing a man could ever make. The only “formula” needed is finding Jesus as Lord and Savior and going back to how God created us. Even worse, then a woman lets her baby go a step even further away from perfection God created and has them stabbed by mans poisons. It wasn’t that long ago it was common to see a woman feeding a baby by breast in public and nothing to be thought of. Normal. Yes we are in the Last Days when a lesbian woman will take another woman’s breast into her mouth and pretend to get milk and then heads south for a fish and chips lunch and unsaved women in a few generations have no comprehension how to feed a baby…It starts when the “system” says women are so fragile they can’t have a baby at home. They have to be dependent on a anyone but God. You ever hear of a women giving birth on way to hospital and baby wasn’t just fine? The feminist movement didn’t make women stronger and smarter, it made them dumber and clueless what a woman even is.

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