1)  The earth is a round ball hurling through space and millions of years old. Somehow even though we are moving, the stars and sky has never changed in history. During summer months the sun sits high in the sky and during the winter it sits lower because the earth decided to turn on its’s axis and then wobble back to it’s exact same position year after year for millions of years.  You ever hear of sea “level”? How the heck could a plane be told by tower to fly at certain altitude and keep it? The pilots would be like being on a rowing machine as they fight to stay level and not fly into space due to “curvature” of earth. How come I can look through high powered binoculars and see the bottom of things over 30 miles away? Boats, buildings, whatever.

2) We are monkeypeople. We gradually developed into a perfect body. Some monkeys didn’t fully evolve yet and live in inner cities and carry many of the traits and looks. Their brain capacity is small and they need help of fully evolved humans. Though taken from the wild they love to still indulge in it’s weed. 

3) Man has been to the moon and broken through the dome…… Hang on I just choked on my coffee. Anything pretending to fly into space quickly stops going straight up so it doesn’t hit the dome and lands in the ocean out of sight. 

4) Your Government cares about it’s own people. Trillions of dollars roll out of America to other nations. Our cities are old and falling apart. China has city after city hundreds of miles long modern and new. Remember buying all those “made in china” things instead of made in america because it was cheaper? You screwed yourself.  America started dying years ago by sold out politicians.How many people, parents, grandparents, etc, said I don’t understand it, we help everybody else but not our own people. That’s what you would do, Not the bankers that control everything since 1913 and fill their pockets why you suffer and they laugh.

5) America was once great. When was that? When we invaded the land and slaughtered Native Americans? Genocide. When we were taken over by England who to this day run the Government in it’s own district? When we got involved in wars and helped the enemy? The only great thing about America was it’s believers in God. Now it is like the twin towers times a thousand burning and sooner or later America will collapse.  All by design because people didn’t believe the war against evil was real and gave the enemy control little by little. Now with it’s assets and control the big boys are not backing off. We are in the Last Days.

6) Masks. Who wears a mask but criminals? As a human being satan wants to hide your freedom and your beautiful face created by GOD. God sets us free. satan wants to  put us in chains.  No matter the color, what it’s made of, the goal of satan is to put his mask on you and take you to hell just as he put his mask on in front of God as being perfect, but he is a liar and deceiver and his mask can’t be put on a Christian. God is sending to hell these those who willingly took the mark.

7) Religions are good. There has not been one religion in history that has proved to actually follow God. Most if all are fake. They really don’t want to serve God, but their own vices and actually serve false Gods.  There is no comprehension of a personal relationship with Jesus. They are indoctrinated and nothing more than zombies feeding off garbage instead of feeding off the Bible which would have opened their eyes and freed them from garbage. satan will always want to BOOST himself. Whether in fooling you or killing you. A booster is in any way is satan growing in your life and  your the walking dead.

8) Voting is perfect in it’s nature. No way it can be corrupt. Believe in mans sinful nature that they couldn’t corrupt actual results.

9) If you can’t beat em’ join em’. Whether it is a defeated empire like Rome now under satans direct power pretending they are God or a Government that has to fake a two sided political system when they are all in bed with satan, the truth is what? Satan owns it all and who are best actors go back in forth in deceiving the masses. Where is truth? Not from the doctrine of Jesuits who rule the Governments, but God and childlike faith in truth. They pretend to fight each other and will convict each in fake courts when in reality they party with each other behind doors and fly in pedophile planes and compare how much money and how many lies they spread deceived the people.  Hmmmm.

10) Today’s top preachers are chosen by shear number of followers and how big their church is, they obviously are from God and we need to follow. After all they are preaching the Bible right? They follow you can’t serve money and God and live humble lives as our examples. Never in a million years would they preach something different than Gods Word and take advantage of it right? Because that would be worldly and in fact satans world. Which would mean they are satanists and not Gods chosen.Who could live in this dying world in these last days in opulence and like a king knowing lives need saved and people need help before they walk up the steps to their jets? satans deceivers.

11) Okay, thank goodness  we have Christian radio, songs, T.V. and all kinds of goodies. Just because they add the word Christian it has to be right. I mean, who could be bought out and corrupted in those doing Gods work. They couldn’t be fake and deceiving. They couldn’t be sellouts. All Christian universities are just that, Christian. Th;e voices that lead are all born again and saved people. We are uplifted by their presence. We are unified by their dominance. But what if a lot of them are fakes?  They put on masks to deceive? Put in a position not by their own voices but what the boss says they can say or do. What if  on top “Christians” sold out and became what they were from the beginning like those that left Jesus and Paul?

12) Hell will be very full….Many will place their faith in sinful man and not God. Fall right into the devils trap. Without faith in God you’ll listen to satan who wants to kill you and take you to Hell. Hebrews 11:1-2, Hebrews 11:6. Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. Jesus was clear that faithful followers would be recognized by their fruit, Matthew 3:8, Matthew 7:15–20, Luke 13:6–9, John 15:2, John 15:8, John 15:16. Without faith, we cannot bear fruit and we are blown about in the wind. Then next thing you know your ready to be bitten. Proverbs 3:7-8

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