It shows you can’t stand up for yourself. It shows you are weak. That you are a follower and not a leader. No self pride. No discretion. That you think of yourself as a complete loser and outwardly want to show it. A animal that joyfully enters a slaughter house until your brains are fried with electricity or your your head is ripped off or your neck is opened wide and your bled out. It shows you have no balls. No reason to really live. Why waste the air and resources of others if you are just another sheep in the field incapable of standing out from the crowd and saying the word no. Hell no to a man made, life sucking, child maiming, disease producing, satanic ritual, society destroying, and does nothing but makes satans children giggle how stupid and weak people are that listen and have no comprehension of the word no, puddy in their hands. It shows you deserve Hell because you can’t think for yourself and make a rational decision of what is right from wrong. How could you choose a Savior over satan if your to dumb to choose to wear a mask over not? Choosing to believe in evil corrupt Governments run by satan over believing in God and His Word? If you wear a mask, I bet I could sell you swamp land in Florida or swindle you out of all your money on a great stock tip or some kind of get rich scheme. The word “sucker” is already on you when you wear a diaper on your face and piss sweat in it and your easy pickens. Especially if I say I want to inject you with something. Heck, I could go piss in a cup and fill a syringe and say this will cure anything, even fake illnesses, and you’ll roll up your sleeve and ask if I pissed enough for your kids to…….As the devil goes into his next round of you being in the ring and the bell goes of, will you charge into the ring smart and free and fierce as a lion, or dumb as a box of rocks, blindfolded and wearing a mask and being a stupid satanic bitch? A satanic sacrifice. A worthless slave of the beast system that gets knocked out after the first punch. A childlike pansy of a human being set on this earth to be all you could ever have imagined or a died today and quickly forgot mere number number thrown into a crematory with a toe tag that said john doe. Wearing a mask shows fear. What does a person that has God fear? Next time you go out and see someone wearing a mask, tell them they need a cure for their stupidity and weakness, Jesus. Ask them why they worship satan. It’s ok to laugh at them. If they say whats so funny, tell them Halloween ended months ago. Notify others there is a masked criminal ready to commit a crime possibly and looks crazy. Masked people all look crazy. Like complete losers. Disown anyone wearing a mask because if the do that they probably are also bitten by the snake and shedding and God says to distance yourself from such. It used to be someone with tattoos all over their face had serious issues. Now it has been replaced with someone wearing a mask. Stay away from them, they will try to drag you to hell with them………A bee doesn’t have to ask a fly why it prefers eating shit over honey, it’s who they are. Likewise a person doesn’t have to wonder why someone isn’t wearing a mask. They are a Christian…..Even a wild animal knows when it’s on a road trip to the slaughter house and never gives up. Put on a mask and give up or put on Jesus defeat the enemy…..

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Proverbs 30:30