Not a peep. Not any resistance or flooding the Capital. Outraged NOW over losing the ability to murder in the womb, not realizing THEY are being murdered. They became little bitch slaves and followed their Governments like animals in chains. Yes masta. Yes masta. Please don’t beat me masta. I puts on my mask and stood in line and done rolled up my sleeve. Ise gonna listen to all you says. Ise done believed. Ise need to stands six feets apart or Ise might be a criminal. I hids behind a plastic barrier like a good little slave. I gots real, real scared masta just likes you wanted….. You walked down isles only one way to take in the penis of satan because, we’ll, your nothing more than a twenty dollar whore with pimp daddy pulling all your strings. Tell me you didn’t do that. Instant slavery of your mind and body. Tell me through fear mongering and deceit you didn’t look to God but instantly put on your chains. satanic masks and putting satan in the front row of your life simply because just like when you were a kid and peer pressure took sudden control, you went from your own choices to following da man. How dumb are you not to see the script of satan poisoning your mind if he can? Killing use all. They took out a sitting president. They are now going after the supreme court of the land once God blessed so much. By deception of course meaning a false flag only to divide and conquer the people of America. Trust me Ukraine and Roe verse Wade are just distractions to keep your eye off the ball of taking the mark of the beast and being bitten by the snake. If your still watching T.V. look at the peasants verses the elite. The elite satanists stand and do their thing unmasked and the loser, slaved peasants stay in chains of masks and having to take the mark to even be there in da audience. Sorcery at it’s highest and stupidity at the same level for anyone that believes or trusts in man over God and shows exactly what Jesus said. The sheep will be divided from the goats. Are you a goat???? A Christian number one doesn’t fear death and looks forward to it, and secondly has the Holy Spirit in them to see right through the bullsh*t. satan has fought for years to get inside someone spiritually and like he replicates everything God is, he finally has gotten to that point that changes your very God DNA. INTERNALLY. The Holy Spirit fills the believer. satans holy spirit is accepting the bite and believing the beast system instead of the Savior. Being born again not by the Spirit of the Lord, but being born again by satan in his false reality and joining him, not God forever as his bite flows through your veins forever. I pray today God opens your heart and shows you “THE WAY” as began at His giving His life for you….

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