God has helped me in so many ways and what I think as normal was something I grew into several years ago. I’ll tell you what I went through and how I saw we can live without much of what the world looks as necessary.

Alright so you have nothing. The first things that hit you are food, water, and a roof over your head. I had a car so it’s way ahead of most. At least your in something that sorta protects you from rain and snow and people. Luckily I had a little money and bought a R.V. but wasn’t thinking right. Where to park? Where to not look like your living in a R.V. So time to go backwards and what they call stealthy. I went through several vehicles. The first thing you have to get out of your mind is your past. That you need all these rooms and spaces and things broken up. I’ll tell you the first thing I figured out is the bed area. I didn’t give a crap about a couch or recliner though they would be nice, but damn, I’m gonna have a nice bed. Maybe weird, but that’s where I feel close to God. Comfortable. Somewhere thunderstorms could be rattling the windows and rain pounding on the roof, but I was cozy and warm in my bed with God and a candle and my Bible. I went to thrift stores and bought comforter after comforter and the occasional sleeping bag that came in and slep on a cloud. I will say one thing. At first not being so smart in things, I got lazy out of not knowing how to stay clean easily. That would come later. So I would use a comforter for a month or so and then threw it out because it was dirty and stinky. I had much to learn. So I guess I’ll start this out asyour new home. I’ll not go with a route with people that have money, but the average Joe like me. I’ll start with vans are ideal. You have the front seats but put up a curtain and whats going on behind them? Surely not a person trying to live. Of course the longer the van the better. Was a day you could buy a van set up with goodies like kitchens and generators, etc, but forget that we can’t afford them. We’ll start from scratch. And we’ll be more hidden. Who gives a second thought to joes electrical or mollys cakes verses a obvious rv van. So a van is ideal, a bigger van even more. Then you got old ambulances. Old buses. There’s a whole lots of ways a Christian could live. Maybe that old moving truck looks like crap but motor was just rebuilt and inside Johnny made a livable space? I guess point I’m making is if you pulled into waldomart for the night what gave you away as a living space? After all maybe you have st. lawrence church of God on side or Blood donations needed. I guess I’m trying to say first off you have your mobile home. Being that you might go into unknown areas everyday. I’ll get into that next.

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